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Julie Nygard is the author of The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate. She also owns The Chocolate Therapist store in Littleton, Colorado. She speaks to groups everywhere (including spending time traveling on cruise ships) on the health benefits of chocolate and teaches chocolate and wine pairing classes. 

I loved learning that just a few years ago she knew as much as you and I about chocolate… she knew it was delicious and she knew dark chocolate was good for you! What she tells us in this episode is that going after your dreams is all that is necessary to change careers and your life! 

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Kami Guildner’s life took a turn in the direction of fate and has built a business interview and working with EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN. She shares some of the lessons learned from these amazing women.

Kami helps women make their impact on the world through coaching and she is the author of FIREDANCER: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose

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There was something about a post I came across on Instagram this morning that stopped me and brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps it was that my heart was feeling a stirring that I had to address and the post just happened to be there. Either way, today’s episode answers the question of how to keep going on this entrepreneurial journey when we are emotionally and mentally tapped out.


I’d love to hear from you. Are you in one of these spaces when you feel overwhelmed or question what you are doing? Have you discovered a way to put those fears and frustrations aside and press on? Do share–connect with me on any social channel @GinaSchreck or jump into our Facebook Group –

In this episode, we talked with Susan Few, CEO at Sunshine plumbing and the author of the new book, Pufferfish Effect: Secrets to Crush Your Competition. She unleashes her best tips to help you get your business built up to look big like a pufferfish.
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Do you love learning at conferences? Where they turn on the fire hose and you’re blasted with information to take in and be inspired by.
Or have you found that you’re more of a drip line learner, taking in information throughout the year? Let’s talk about the difference.


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