The Journey with Gina

Inspiration and Information for Entrepreneurs

LINK FOR “Embracing Your Squiggle: A Visual Autobiography” to go with this episode:

In this episode, we start our entrepreneurial journey (or pause right where we are) to look back over our life to identify the experiences, the pivotal people and moments that prepared us for this very moment on our journey.

In business, few people enter the workforce doing what they are meant to do for the rest of their life (I shudder to think). As entrepreneurs, we probably have a very squiggly path that has prepared us with skills and knowledge that will take us to the next step along the way. We just have to pause, identify, and acknowledge the nuggets we have acquired. 

Gina Schreck is the president of SocialKNX and has owned 3 companies in the past 23 years on a very squiggly journey. Connect with her on any social channel or via email –> @GinaSchreck or Gina (at)