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This fun hack will help you connect with more people on your social media platforms and more importantly, it will help you build relationships faster.

Sometimes we pack our social profiles with so many hashtags or with information telling people what we are selling, that it doesn’t allow people to connect. Some don’t put enough in their bios to tell people what to expect when connecting.

HOMEWORK: play with your bio and add some fun facts that will help us connect with you and then connect either here in the comments or on your favorite social channels to let us know. @GinaSchreck on Twitter. Gina Schreck on LinkedIn

After starting multiple businesses and having 3 of them rise to over 7 figures, Mike shares wisdom on getting started, not over-thinking, and taking consistent action!

He talks about how he worked doubly hard to outsell those who had more natural talent. He talks about overcoming failures, taking risks, starting a passion project!

Check out his passion project, Dinner Table MBA, and these amazing Conversation Starter Cards to get, and keep, the conversations going in your home!

We had sound issues but the tips were so good we went ahead to publish this interview with Kimberly.

Kimberly Allison is the founder of MarketingRX, a digital marketing and social media management agency in Edmonton, Canada.  She shares her journey from radio and television media to social media and the lessons that helped her thrive in this crazy business.

@MarketingRX on social media channels


I love her advice to new entrepreneurs:

Have money set aside so you don’t start out desperate
Form a strong network of partners 
Don’t go it alone–keep building the network of REAL in-person friends to meet with.

Chip shares with us his journey from 22 years in the Navy and how saying YES brought opportunities like leading diverse teams during 911. 

He shares mistakes he has made along his, now 10-year, entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he has learned… including how to laugh at himself!


Connect with Chip at The Unconventional Leader

Chips podcast:  Leadership Happy Hour


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Do you love going to conferences? Could you be a lifetime student? While we know leaders are learners and we also know we must continue to learn to stay up on our craft or industry, do you tend to get stuck in the learning mode and never actually IMPLEMENT?

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate and we need to become doers…but not alone. This episode gives you a L.I.S.T. to move from learning to doing! 

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Are you a restless entrepreneur? Always looking for the next shiny object? Or do you tend to sit a little too long? Today we’re talking about how to know when it’s time to disrupt ourselves before we get disrupted by other forces.  

Read the blog post on this topic.


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