Episode 31 – Managing Your Digital Footprint

September 30, 2018

We have a digital “footprint” as early as the first piece of data about us was loaded somewhere on the web. Today, parents are creating Facebook and Instagram profiles for their unborn children, so they are born with a digital footprint! 

If someone wants to know more about you or your brand, they simply “Google You” to see what has been published. If you have a common name or a brand that hasn’t put much content out on the web, you may have a tiny footprint. 

On the other hand, if you are publishing regular content, featured on other sites, writing guest blog posts, being interviewed on podcasts, videos, etc. you could have quite a large digital footprint!

Listen to see the role social media plays in all of this as well as motivation to get more content created! 

Join our FB community (DIYsocial) for a 15-Day Blog Challenge if you want to get that content flowing! We have been sharing loads of tips, and tools to become better bloggers and get that content out there!

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