Ep. 71 – Stacey Hanke Helps us Redefine Influence

August 19, 2019

Stacey explains how we are not as influential as we think we are. She is going to help us redefine influence and show up with more power and influence with our teams and clients. 

Connect with Stacey on all social channels @StaceyHankeInc



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One comment on “Ep. 71 – Stacey Hanke Helps us Redefine Influence

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  1. Creating a podcast was a fun and educating journey. I came to really appreciate the structure of this course: weekly assignments that are essentially the steps needed for creating the final product are extremely helpful for procrastinators like me. If not for them, I would definitely find myself just starting my research a day before the podcast due date, stressing over everything and coming up with a really bad podcast. Hopefully, this experience will change my habits long-term, since now I see how everything goes calmer and smoother when you work on your project at least a couple of hours every week.

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