Ep. 64 – Video Marketing with Renee Teeley of Powtoon

June 2, 2019

Video Marketing with Renee Teeley of Powtoon

Renee is the Chief Evangelist at Powtoon, an online video creation platform for making your own short, engaging videos and presentations. She is also the host of the #MakeItAwesome show, an expert interview series focused on helping companies create an effective video marketing strategy. In this episode, Gina and Renee discuss video marketing. If you have been putting this off, you need to stay tuned!

Sometimes people are hesitant to put themselves on camera. You can provide a lot of expertise and value for your customers by creating videos. Renee says to have a strategic plan based on your audience and your business goals before you start making videos. If you want to get really good at video marketing, you want to get good at marketing. If you’re going to get good at marketing, then you need to know your customer. You can be targeting different types of customers for your business, but with the video, you should be targeting one segment. Also, you need to think through which platforms you are going to utilize for your marketing. Each platform will require different time lengths and content. For instance, your call to action will be different for each platform.

Then, Renee explains that she makes her videos square on LinkedIn because it helps make the video stand out. There is so much content out there, so you need to ensure your content has a hook and keeps people interested. However, we are also in the age of Netflix binging, so people are capable of watching videos that they deem worthy. This is why it is essential to have a hook so people know the value they will get from the video. During the video, continually add value, so people stay tuned in. Later, Renee gives tips on creating consistent content, explains the buyer’s journey, and why you should be doing a mix of content.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • [02:25] Becoming the Chief Evangelist at Powtoon
  • [05:45] How Renee started in the video marketing space
  • [09:00] #MakeItAwesome Show
  • [11:20] Think through a strategic plan
  • [16:30] Making square videos
  • [20:15] The age of binge-watching
  • [23:25] Tips for creating consistent content
  • [28:50] Renee has 3 months of content already queued up
  • [30:45] The buyer’s journey
  • [36:10] People pack too much into one video
  • [38:30] Do a blend of different types of videos
  • [41:20] Knowing what your call to action should be + measuring the impact
  • [44:30] The thumbnail image + title of the video are your book cover


  • “Captions help give people context to what the video is about.”
  • “The attention span of an adult is eight seconds, and the attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds.”
  • “What works well for one platform is very different for what will work well on another platform.”
  • “Sometimes, what is most effective as a thumbnail image is not always the best from a design perspective.”

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